About Us

Company History

Bang Concrete is owned and operated by Brecken and Kerry Bang. It was started in 1999 by the Bang brothers. During that time many contractors avoided doing basements because of the excessive added time waiting for concrete walls. We noticed the need for a company that could specialize in concrete walls and provide them quickly and efficiently, with our ability to innovate and be efficient we could make it work despite the lull in the economy at the time.

When we started our business in the custom home market, at the time 8' tall basements were the most common with the occasional 9'.

The Form System

To keep ourselves ahead of the trends we planned ahead by purchasing a set of 9’ tall Advance concrete wall forms. Now 8' tall basements are almost obsolete we build mostly 9', 10’ and 12' walls.

Our equipment purchases are always preceded by many hours of research to find the most efficient and specific products to fit our needs, our purchases are not based off lowest price. Investing in the proper equipment has saved time and money in the long run and provided the customer with a better product in a better time frame.

The concrete form system we decided on for use in the custom home market is the Advance form system, starting with a set of 9' forms we now have multiple sets of Advance forms in:

2'6” tall

4' tall

6' tall

9' tall

10' tall

and a 2'4” stacker system for our 12' walls.

Moving concrete forms on and off the job

Moving 28,000 pounds of forms from job to job each day is one of the largest tasks of building basements, after being in business for 2 years, packing concrete forms by hand we bought our first crane/truck in 2001, it allowed us to double the work we were doing, in 2003 we added another crane, in 2004 we added our 3rd crane, in 2006 we added a 4th smaller crane to our fleet.

For the transportation and staging of our forms we are using Sterling trucks with extra pusher/ tag axles to accommodate the loads and heavy duty locking axles for accessing job sites that would be inaccessible to other trucks.

Knuckle Boom Cranes

Knuckle boom cranes fold up compactly on the back of the truck allowing the bed of the truck to be used for transporting the concrete forms to the job.

The trucks are mounted with cranes, we use both IMT and Fassi knuckle booms with jib, they are not the least expensive but we feel that they are the best for our application, they are heavy duty, easy to maintain with no cables, no exterior hose rolls, they allow us to cut down on the labor involved on the project and make the job safer and easier for our employees.


As our company became successful we invested a lot of money back into tools and equipment. We were using electric portable re-bar benders and cutters while most other concrete contractors did not even know you could buy them, we were the second concrete contractor in Southern UT to use the Max rebar tiers, at finding out the cost of twenty four hundred dollars each, other contractors would respond “we can pay a lot of guys for that much money” that is why after 3 years in business we became as well- known as many other contractors who had been around for 20+ years. We recently added a Trimble Total Station to our toolbox which uses a laser to measure and layout points on the job minimizing the use of string lines and tape measures.


People started asking us if we named our company “Bang” because of how fast we are, or the common saying was “if Bang does your walls they come in and BANG its done!” or, come “Bang out our walls”.

By bringing innovation, creativity and efficiency to the concrete wall industry we have been able to set a new standard that has not been matched by others who have tried to duplicate what we have done in the area.

We have gotten where we are by being completely honest with our customers as well as suppliers, being fair to our employees and providing them with a good working environment not typical to the standard construction site.


Through our sister company Bang Fabrication we have access to water-jet cutting, we have been able to realize the benefits of CAD in our designing and planning, we use the water-jet for cutting templates with extreme accuracy also designing and prototyping of tools, form accessories and parts that let us do things more efficiently, if someone does not make what we want we make it ourselves.


As business owners we feel it is important to give to and be a part of the community, Brecken has served as a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, Kerry has served as a volunteer in the Search and Rescue on the Mountain Rescue Team for 8 years and also many years as a Boy Scout leader.


Bang Concrete is licensed in following States.

R100 General Contractor Utah #371505-5501

S260 Concrete Contractor Utah #371505-5501

K-9 Concrete Contractor Arizona #ROC262941

C-5 Concrete Contractor Nevada #0075449


The nature of our business and products—we do poured in place concrete walls (mostly basement walls, retaining walls and culvert/headwalls for waterways) from 2’ tall to 22’ tall

We also do;

Concrete in ground trampoline pits/rings precast concrete window wells

Sale and installation of Forterra Precast spandeck products (we are their exclusive installer for spandeck for Southern UT, Mesquite and Las Vegas)

Service area

Our main area of operation is New Harmony to Mesquite, we have been requested to travel as far as Provo, we prefer to stay within a 30 mile radius of St George and stay plenty busy, we are looking into starting another crew in the Cedar City area, with our contacts and reputation we would not have a problem keeping another crew busy.

Future growth

With the construction of our new shop and office space sitting on two acres with combine shop/office space of 19,500 Sf. in the Fort Pierce Industrial Park, in St George, UT. We plan to expand our precast operation to include precast trampoline rings, tunnel sections, vaults and other items. As well as expanding our fabrication and maintenance capabilities.